Chapter 1. service information – LG LW60 User Manual

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Ch1. Service information

Chapter 1. Service information

1-1. Important service information


Strategy for replacing parts (FRU-Field Replaceable Units)

Before replacing parts

Make sure that latest BIOS and drivers are installed before replacing any parts (FRUs) listed in this

Use the following strategy to prevent unnecessary expense for replacing and servicing parts

1. If you are instructed to replacing a part but the replacement does not correct the problem, reinstall the

original part before you continue.

2. Some computers have both a processor board and system board. If you are instructed to replace either

the processor board or the system board, and replacing one of them does not correct the problem,

reinstall that board, and then replace the other one.

3. If an adapter or device consists of more than one part, any of the parts (FRUs) may be the cause of the

error. Before replacing the adapter or device, remove the parts (FRUs), one by one, to see if the

symptoms change. Replace only the part that changed the symptoms.


The BIOS configuration on the computer you are servicing may have been customized.

Running Automatic Configuration my alter the settings. Note the current configuration settings;

then, when service has been completed, verify that those settings remain in effect.


Strategy for replacing a hard-disk drive

You have to get a User’s approval before formatting or replacing a hard-disk drive. You must let the User

know that the user is responsible for the loss data


The drive startup sequence in the computer you are servicing may have been changed. Be

extremely careful during write operations such as copying, saving, or formatting. If you select an

incorrect drive, data or programs can be overwritten.

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