LG LW60 User Manual

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Ch3. System information


Boot menu

Boot menu enables you to set the boot order for the CD-ROM drive, Removable devices Hard drive,
and Network boot as shown below.

CD-ROM Drive

Removable Devices

Hard Drive

B2 D0 Yukon PXE


Exit menu

Exit Saving Changes
Select Exit Saving Changes to save new setup information in CMOS RAM. CMOS RAM stores the
information using the backup battery; therefore, the information will not be lost when the computer is
turned off.

Exit Discarding Changes
Select Exit Discarding Changes to discard new setup information. If you made changes to items other
than date, time, and passwords, the Setup Warning asks you to save the new configurations. Select Yes
and press Enter to save the new configuration.

Load Setup Defaults
Select Load Setup Defaults to change the setup information to the factory default settings. If you select
Load Setup Defaults or press F9, Setup Confirmation asks you to confirm your selection. Press Yes to
load setup defaults.

Discard Changes
Discard change value.

Save Changes
Save change value.

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