LG LW60 User Manual

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Ch3. System information


Fn key combinations

The following table shows the function of each combination of Fn with a function key.

Function of Fn keys has nothing to do with Operating System.

Brightness up


Brightness down


Wireless LAN on / off


Number lock


Maximum power-saving mode.





When the computer is attached to an external monitor, you can changed the display output
location with [Fn] + [F7] combination. You can switch to and from the three types of display
modes, LCD display only, the external monitor only, or both at the same time.



Maximum power-saving mode. (when OSD is installed)


System information


Enable/Disable Auto Brightness control.


Enable/Disable Auto Sound power management (battery mode only).


TouchPad Disable (Impossible to use TouchPad) / TouchPad Enable (Possible to use
TouchPad) / TouchPad Auto-Disable (When connecting USB mouse to the computer,
TouchPad is disable) The TouchPad initialization takes 1~2 seconds, so wait for the
Initialization to end before using the TouchPad.


Force the computer to enter power-saving mode. (ex: system standby and hibernation)


User-defined Hot key. (Setting is available at OSD)


User-defined Hot key. (Setting is available at OSD)


User-defined Hot key. (Setting is available at OSD)



[Fn] +

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