Configuration options via gui – LG CodePlus MUX/MOD Feature Card HCS6320 User Manual

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Caution: Do NOT initiate simultaneous menu sessions to run commands. Doing

so will interfere with active processes and may corrupt the system configuration

and/or cause the HCS6320 card to cease normal operation.

Access the CodePlus Transcoder Series Web GUI

Note: The HCS6320 must be connected to an IP network for GUI access. See “Network and

Communication Setup” on page 15 for further information.
1. Launch a web browser, and type

http://ipaddress in the browser’s address bar, where

ipaddress is the IP address of the HCS6320 card. Then, press


The CodePlus™ Transcoder Series Configuration Homepage provides access to Controller

(HCS6320), Transcoder, and Satellite STB menus:

2. Click the appropriate link or tab to access the desired configuration options/settings.
The following sections provide detailed information on the configuration settings and

commands. Note that menu options may vary from the examples shown in this document,

depending on the HCS6320 firmware version.
When you have completed your activities in the web GUI, you can simply close your


Controller Menu Commands

The following subsections describe how to access and use the Controller Menu commands.

Access the Controller Menu
1. Access the CodePlus Transcoder Series web GUI as described above.
2. With the Homepage on display, click on the

Controller menu tab or link.

The Controller Menu (see example on following page) enables you to view and modify

HCS6320 configuration settings and also enables you to view transcoder data. In addition,

the Controller Menu enables you to update HCS6320 and transcoder card firmware.

Configuration Options via GUI