Configuration options via command line (cont.) – LG CodePlus MUX/MOD Feature Card HCS6320 User Manual

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Set the HCS6320 IP Address

1. Access the HCS6320 Main Menu as described on page 30.
2. At the

[Main] Command >

prompt, type

setip and press Enter.

3. At the

Using DHCP (y/n)?

prompt, either:

• Type

y and press Enter if using DHCP. The system will display:

IP address has been



Go to step 5.

• Type

n and press Enter to assign a static IP address to the HCS6320. Then, continue

with step 4.

4. At each of the following prompts, type the information requested. Press

Enter after each


Enter IP address:

(Type the host IP address in the format

Enter Subnet Mask:

(Type the subnet mask in the format

Enter Gateway:

(Type the IP address of the default gateway in the format

Once you enter the gateway address, the system will display:

IP address has been


5. Reset the HCS6320 card (see “Perform an External Card Reset” on page 32). IP settings

will not take effect until the HCS6320 resets.
Note: If you intend to modify additional configuration settings during the current session,

you may wait until all changes are complete before you reset the HCS6320.

Install a Pro:Idiom Key on All Transcoders

The Pro:Idiom encrypter built into the transcoder cards contains a default encryption key. When

first installed, the cards will use this key to encrypt content. This command enables you to

change the encryption key, if necessary.
This command installs the Pro:Idiom key on all the transcoders installed in the chassis. To

install a Pro:Idiom key on a single transcoder, see “Install a Pro:Idiom Key on the Selected

Transcoder” on page 40.

Note: In order for a Pro:Idiom encrypted channel to be displayed, the receiver

must contain a Pro:Idiom decrypter, and the receiver must be configured to allow

decryption of the desired channel.
Note: The process of updating the encryption key will synchronize the decryption

key in any receiver tuned to the cards’ output. If the target receiver is turned off or

viewing content from a different card, the synchronization will not occur, and the

output will be scrambled. Ensure that all encrypters and decrypters in a system

are synchronized to the same key.

Configuration Options via Command Line (Cont.)