Configuration options via command line – LG CodePlus MUX/MOD Feature Card HCS6320 User Manual

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Caution: Do NOT initiate simultaneous menu sessions to run commands. Doing

so will interfere with active processes and may corrupt the system configuration

and/or cause the HCS6320 card to cease normal operation.

Access the HCS6320 Main Menu

Note: The HCS6320 must be connected to an IP network for Telnet access. For direct access

to the HCS6320 Service Port, use the FTDI TTL-USB cable (P/N TTL-232R-5V-AJ). See also

“Network and Communication Setup” on page 15 for further information.
1. Establish communication with the HCS6320 using Telnet or via a direct connection to the

HCS6320 Service Port.

2. Once communication is established, press

Enter to refresh the menu display in the terminal.

You now have access to the HCS6320 configuration Main Menu (see example below).

3. At the

[Main] Command >

prompt, type the desired menu command and press


Note: You can always press Enter at the

[Main] Command >

prompt to display the

HCS6320 Main Menu. Main Menu options may vary from the example shown, depending on

the HCS6320 firmware version.
The following sections describe the configuration commands.

Example: HCS6320 Main Menu


Main Menu (Copyright 2012 - LGE USA)



System Information


Set RF Channels

mrf Print RF Channels Map

list List Cards

card Card Menu

xrst External Card Reset

setip Set Up IP Address

pi Install PI Key On All Cards


Reload PI Key on All Cards

upd Update Firmware

bits Read MUX Bitrates

rawbits Read Bitrates at Backplane Connector

crosspt Configure Card Number to Channel Assignment

rstpwd Reset Password (for Reload PI Key on Web UI)
[Main] Command >

Configuration Options via Command Line