Configuration options via command line (cont.) – LG CodePlus MUX/MOD Feature Card HCS6320 User Manual

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Configuration Options via Command Line (Cont.)

Read the Current STB Channel
At the

[Satellite (#)] Command >

prompt, type

getch and press Enter to display the

currently selected satellite STB channel number, for example:

Card 1: Current STB channel is 200

If you receive an error message, it may be necessary to reset the satellite STB either using

the “Reset Satellite STB” command described on page 45 or using the RESET button on the

STB front panel.

Set the STB Channel
1. At the

[Satellite (#)] Command >

prompt, type

setch and press Enter to retune

the satellite STB.

2. At the

Enter channel number >

prompt, type the desired channel number (1 – 9999)

and press


Note: Since low channel numbers may be assigned to both SD and HD channels, if this

is an HD channel and is also mapped to an unambiguous higher channel number, it is

recommended that you type the higher number here.

3. At the prompt for confirmation:

Set channel number to xxx (y/n)?

, either:

• Type

y and press Enter to confirm the setting.

• Type

n and press Enter to return to the

[Satellite (#)] Command >


without setting a new channel.

Once you confirm the channel number setting, the system will display confirmation, for


Card 1: Changing STB channel to xxx ... OK

Read the Satellite Signal Strength
At the

[Satellite (#)] Command >

prompt, type

sglvl and press Enter to display the

satellite signal strength (displayed as a percentage) at the Satellite In jack on the satellite

STB, for example:

Card 1: Satellite signal strength is 52%

Read the Satellite Lock Status
At the

[Satellite (#)] Command >

prompt, type

lksts and press Enter to determine

whether or not the satellite STB is locked to the satellite, for example:

Card 1: Satellite signal is locked