Configuration options via command line (cont.) – LG CodePlus MUX/MOD Feature Card HCS6320 User Manual

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Transcoder Menu Commands

The following subsections describe how to access and use the Transcoder Menu commands.
Note: Refer to the Installation & Setup Guide for the applicable transcoder cards for further

information on transcoder configuration options.

Access the Transcoder Menu
1. Access the HCS6320 Main Menu as described on page 30.
2. At the

[Main] Command >

prompt, type

card and press Enter.

3. At the

Enter card number (1-12) >

prompt, type the chassis slot number of the

transcoder card for which you wish to access configuration options. Then, press


The system identifies the card type and then displays a command prompt for the card

menu, for example:

Card #1 is: HCS7720

[HCS7720 (1)] Command >

4. At the

Command >

prompt, either:

• Press

Enter to display the card menu (see example below).

• Type the desired command and press


Note: You can always press Enter at the

Command >

prompt to display the Transcoder


Example: Transcoder Menu


HCS7720 Menu


hwid Read Hardware ID

ver Read Software Versions

bits Read MUX Bitrates

pi Install PI Key


Reload PI Key

cksum Read PI Key Checksum

stb Satellite Receiver Menu

upd Update Firmware

irst Internal Reset

ret Return to Main Menu
[HCS7720 (1)] Command >

Configuration Options via Command Line (Cont.)