Technical data – ZANKER KBT 23001 SB User Manual

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Possible cause


Food placed in the appliance was
too warm

Allow food to cool to room temperature
before storing.

Products to be frozen are placed too
closely to each other

Place the products in a way so that
cold air could circulate among them

It is too cold inside the freez-

Temperature Regulator may be set

Set a warmer temperature

The appliance does not work
at all. The appliance does not
cool at all. Neither cooling
nor lighting works

The appliance may be switched off

Switch on the appliance

Plug is not connected to the mains
socket properly

Connect the mains plug properly

Power does not reach the appliance

Try connecting another electrical de-
vice to the power outlet

There is no voltage in the mains
socket (try to connect another appli-
ance into it)

Call an electrician

Replacing the bulb

If you want to replace the bulb, do these steps:
1. Break the circuit of the appliance.
2. Unscrew the lamp cover securing screw.
3. Unhook the moving part by pressing it as shown in

the figure.

4. Replace the bulb with one of the same power and

specifically designed for household appliances
(the maximum power is shown on the light bulb

5. Fix the lamp cover in place.

6. Screw the lamp cover securing screw.
7. Reconnect the appliance.
8. Open the door and check if the light comes on.

Technical data

Dimension of the recess


1446 mm


560 mm


550 mm

Rising Time

20 h


230-240 V


50 Hz