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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Selecting the Class of Service for extensions

The Classes of service / Call restrictions are as described in the Mitel 3000 Administrator’s Manual.

As default, all hotel administration extensions are placed in Class 1, all calls are allowed.

Guest phones that are checked out are in Class 4, only internal and emergency calls are allowed.

When a guest phone is checked in they are automatically placed in Class 1 combined with Table 6,
they can place external calls to all numbers with the exception of the codes entered in Table 6.


Type of restriction

Class 1

All calls allowed

Class 2

Restrict International calls

Class 3

Restrict International & National calls

Class 4

Internal calls and Emergency numbers only

Table 5

Allowed Codes

Table 6

Additional restriction codes

You can place administration phones in different classes for day and night service (See the Mitel 3000
Administrator’s Manual).

You can change a guest’s class of service when the phone is checked in.

From MPS you can program your “Restriction Classes” from the “Extensions” Menu

When you finish your programming click on “Send Changes”.

From MPS you can program your “Class Codes” from the “System” Menu

When you finish your programming click on “Send Changes”.