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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Setting dial codes for Charge Bands

The dialling codes that decide whether a call is charged as a Local call, National call etc can be

• Ensure that the correct local codes for your area are entered

• Ensure that the correct national codes are entered

• In default all international codes are placed in the International 2 band. This ensures that all calls

on this band are charged at an International 2 rate. You may wish to place some International
codes into band 1 and have a different rate apply to these calls.

• From the programming extension, press the PROGRAM key.

• Press the Scroll Down key (Ô) until “System Programming” is displayed.

• Select “System Programming”.

• Enter the System Programming Password and select “System”.

• Press the Scroll Down key (Ô) and select the ”Change band codes” option.

• Select the call band you wish to change

• Select the “location” (between 01 and 20) and adjust the code as required.

A new location entry can be added, a current location entry deleted or the location entry confirmed.
Each of the tables can have a total of 20 location entries each of up to 6 digits in length.

Charge bands are:

Type of Call
Local calls
National calls
Mobile calls
International 1
International 2
Free calls


: A table is provided in Appendix A where the programmed codes can be written down for

reference and ease of programming.

From MPS:
Select Charge Bands from the Hotel Menu

Change your Charge Bands and click “Send Changes”.

NOTE: Charge band values vary and values shown are examples only.