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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide



If you find that you cannot check a phone in, you should ensure that any call records

associated with the previous occupant are deleted from the system memory. This is done using the
Phone bill facility. See Page 17

Check Out

You activate the Check out facility for the phone in the guest’s room when you want to print a bill for
the calls made from the phone and delete the call records. You normally do this when a guest is
checking out.
There is also an option for printing out a phone bill without deleting the call records. (See Phone Bill
on page 17)

When you activate Check out for a phone:-

-The phone bill for the extension is automatically printed.
-The phone is restricted from making outgoing calls. Emergency numbers only can be dialled.
-The ‘Room status’ is automatically set to ‘Free - Service req’. (See Room status on page 14)
-Message waiting

is cancelled. (See Message waiting on page 14)

-Wake up

call is cancelled. (See Wake up call on page 15)

-The Last number redial store is cleared. (See Last number redial on page 19)

• Press “Hotel Services” on the idle menu.

• Select the “Check Out” option.

• Enter the 4-digit password (This password is the same as the one used for system programming).

• Select the phone you wish to check out. A solid diamond ♦ beside a phone indicates that the room

is checked in. An open diamond ◊ indicates that the room is free.

The guest phone bill is printed out as soon as the phone is selected. As a safeguard to ensure that
the call details are not deleted before a bill is successfully printed, you are prompted to enter a code.
This code is printed on the top right hand corner of the bill.

• Enter the 4-digit code printed on the top right hand corner of the bill.

• When the code is entered the extension is checked out and the call records are deleted.

• Cancel will check out the extension but will not delete the call records.


If there is a problem printing a bill the Phone Bill facility can be used to check the total cost of

the calls made by the guest (See page 17)

You can also select the Check out service by dialling 7964 plus extension number.