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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Welcome to the Mitel 3000 Hotel

An introduction to the additional facilities provided in the Mitel 3000 Hotel

The Mitel 3000 Hotel is specifically designed for use in guesthouses and small hotels.

The Hotel package allows you to provide both guest and administration extensions.
Administration extensions can be equipped with the Mitel 4110/4120 Featurephones or a standard
telephone. The administration phones have access to the full range of facilities described in the Mitel
3000 Administrator’s Manual.

When guest extensions are equipped with standard telephones, they can use the facilities described
on page 19.

Extension 20 is designated as the Reception phone. This extension must be equipped with a Mitel
4110/4120 Featurephone to use the Hotel Facilities. The remaining extensions can be used as guest
or administration phones.

This guide describes the hotel facilities and should be read in conjunction with the Mitel 3000
Administrator’s Manual that came with your Mitel 3000. It can be also be found on your
documentation CD that comes with your Mitel 3000 system.

You need to activate the Hotel application before use. See instructions for activating your Hotel
Application Mitel 3000