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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Setting the rates for Call Charges

The rate that guests are charged on phone calls can be changed at any time from the programming
extension or the MPS software application.

Example of Call charges:

Type of Call

Value (Cents)

Local calls


National calls


International 1


International 2


Mobile calls


Free calls


• From the programming extension press the PROGRAM key.

• Press the Scroll Down key (Ô) until “System Programming” is displayed.

• Select “System Programming”.

• Enter the System Programming Password and select “System”.

• Press the Scroll Down key (Ô) and select the “Call Charges” option.

• Select the type of call you wish to programme.

• A new rate can be entered.

From MPS


Select “Call charges” from the Hotel Menu

Change the rate of the calls and click “Send Changes”.

WARNING: The charges are NOT set at the rate you are charged by your network provider. You must
satisfy yourself that an appropriate rate is applied to all call types before guests are checked in.
Charges shown are examples only.