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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Room Status

This facility allows you to check whether a room is Free or Occupied and whether it is Cleaned or
service req.

The Free/Occupied status is set automatically on Check in and Check out and is

examined from the Reception phone. The Cleaned / "Service req." status can be set from a guest
phone (Dial 7960 for Cleaned and 7961 for "Service req."). You can examine and change the
Cleaned / Dirty

status from the Reception phone.

NOTE: At midnight the status of all checked in rooms is automatically set to "Service req."

• Press “Hotel Services” on the Idle menu.

• Select “Status /occupied”

The occupied rooms are indicated with a solid diamond ♦. The status cannot be changed from this
menu, it is set automatically on Check in or Check out.

• Press “Hotel Services” on the Idle menu.

• Select Status /"Service req."

The rooms that are "Service req." are indicated with a solid diamond ♦ and those that are 'Cleaned'
are with an open diamond ◊. By selecting an extension the Cleaned/"Service req." status can be

Message Waiting

Message Waiting

allows you to notify an absent guest that a message is held for them at Reception.

When Message waiting is set the message waiting LED on the guest extension will be turned On.
The guest can receive the message by calling Reception. The message Waiting can be cancelled
from the Reception phone at any time.

• Press “Hotel Services” on the Idle menu

• Select “Message waiting”

• From the extension menu select the extension you want to alert.
A solid diamond ♦ beside the extension indicates message waiting is set.
Selecting an extension with a solid diamond will cancel the Message waiting feature.

You can also select Message waiting call by dialling 7962.

NOTE: Some phones will display an envelope symbol as a message waiting indication.