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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Option 2- Call Logging

Instead of printing bills directly on a printer you can choose to connect a Personal Computer (PC) to
the system and send details of all calls directly to it. There are software packages available (not
supplied by Mitel) which can sort the calls and print guest bills from the PC. (This option is selected by
setting the ‘call logging external on’ for all phones. See call logging programming page 11) The format
of the data sent to the PC is the same as shown above for the call logging option. In this case the
switch does NOT generate bills when guests are checked out.

NOTE: When this option’ Call logging on’ is selected the call records of guest phones are still stored
in the switch. The Phone Bill option can be used to examine the total cost of calls made from any
guest phone. (See below). This provides a backup method of billing a guest if the PC is not operating
when a guest is being checked out. When the option ‘Call log external on’ call records are not stored
on the switch. This method should be used when connecting a PC with 3


party management


Phone Bill

This feature provides an alternative method of examining a summary and printing the details of a
guest’s phone bill without having to check the phone out. There are a number of reasons for doing

1. If there is a problem with the printer and the guest bill cannot be generated at checkout. This

facility displays the total cost of calls on the display of the Reception phone.

2. If you want to examine the costs built up by the guests during their stay. You can see the current

total on the Reception phone display and print out the details. The details are still retained in the
system memory and the total cost of all calls made since check in are printed and included in the
total when the guest phone is checked out.

3. There is an option that allows the call records for the phone to be deleted. This is used if a guest

has been checked out and the call records were not deleted. When you try and check this phone
in again you will be prompted to delete the call records and you must select the Phone Bill feature
to do so.

• Press “Hotel Services” on the Idle menu

• Select the “Phone Bill” option.

• Enter the 4 digit password when prompted (The password is the same as used for ‘System


1111 at default).

• Select the extension you wish to examine.

The display will show:

Extension xx


Print details
Delete call records

• If ‘Print details’ is selected the bill is printed. The same prompt to enter a code is displayed as

described in the ‘Check out’ facility. If no code is entered the details of the calls are retained in

If ‘delete call records’ is selected, you are prompted to confirm your selection.
When confirmed the records are deleted.