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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Call with cost

This option allows the Reception phone to place a call on behalf of a guest. When the call is
completed the Reception phone is rung and the cost of the call is shown on the Reception phone
display. The details of the call are printed.
This facility is generally used to allow a visitor, who is not checked in to make a call and ensure the
cost of the call is recouped.
It can also be used if a guest phone is restricted from making calls. The Receptionist can place
individually costed calls for the guest.

NOTE: Guest phones can be restricted from making various types of call, or indeed any call, by
selecting a class of service for the phone after they are checked in. (See Class of service page 8).
Guest phones will also be restricted from making calls if the call records memory becomes full. Just
prior to the system memory becoming full the Reception phone is rung and a prompt is given to clear
some call records.

• Select “Hotel Services.

• Select the “Call with cost”.

• Select a free external line and place the call as normal.

• Transfer the call to a convenient phone. (The call can be continued from the Reception phone if


When the call is completed the Reception phone is rung and the display shows the cost of the call.
The details of the call are also printed.


If the call is transferred to a guest extension the cost of the call is added to the guest’s phone


WARNING: The costs of guest phone calls are calculated using a charge per minute. The
charge varies depending on the type of call, (local call, national call etc). The default rates
used are shown on page 12. These rates are NOT the

rates charged by your network provider.

It is essential that you check the rates and adjust them if necessary before you check guests
in. The rates can be set through system programming described under ‘Setting the rates for
Call Charges’
on page 9