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Page 9: Uest extensions

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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Select Hotel Settings

Enter the name of the Hotel/Guesthouse. Remember it can’t use more than 24 characters.

Click on “Send Changes”.
Your Hotel Name is now set.

Defining Administration and Guest extensions

Initially the system is programmed with all extensions as hotel administration extensions.
(Extension 20 is the Reception phone and cannot be changed).

• From the programming extension, press the PROGRAM key.

• Press the Scroll Down key (Ô) until “System Programming” is displayed.

• Select “System Programming”.

• Enter the System Programming Password and select “Extensions”.

• Press the Scroll Down key (Ô) until “Guest Extensions” is displayed.

• Select “Guest Extensions”

• Select the extensions you wish to have as Guest extensions. A solid diamond ♦ indicates a guest

extension. An open diamond ◊ indicates an administration extension

From MPS:
Select Guest Extension Settings from the Hotel Menu

Select each of the extensions you would like to be programmed as guest extensions by checking the
boxes of the extensions you require.

Click on “Send Changes;
The Guest extensions are now programmed.

Note: When reprogramming an ext from an administration ext to a guest ext or vice versa the ‘class of
service’ category must be re-set for that phone. (See page 8).