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Mitel 3000 Hotel Facilities User Guide


Wake Up Call

You can enter a time that a wake up call will be made to a guest phone.
At the programmed time the phone will ring for 90 seconds.

• If the call is not answered the phone will ring twice more at two-minute intervals.

• If the call remains unanswered the Reception phone is rung and the display shows ‘No Wake Up

No xx’.

• If the call to the Reception phone remains unanswered for 90 seconds, the call is cancelled.

• Details of cancelled wake up calls are automatically printed when they are cancelled.

Setting a Wake up call for a guest

• Press “Hotel Services” on the Idle menu.

• Select the “Wake up call” option.

• Select the extension.

• Enter the time in the 24-hour clock format (0930 for 9.30am) and press Confirm.

You can also select Wake up call by dialling 7967

Reviewing a Wake up call

• Press “Hotel Services” from the idle menu.

• Select “Wake up call”

• Select the extension. The programmed time is displayed

• Press “Confirm” to retain the time.

• If you wish to change the time, select “Change” and enter a new time.

• To cancel the wake up call, press “Change” and then “Confirm”.

NOTE: This option can also be set from a guest phone by dialling 718 followed by the time (HHMM).
The guest can also cancel a Wake up call by dialling 718*.

From MPS: Select Applications – Hotel – Guest extensions

Set the Reminder call or Wake up call using a 24-hour clock format and click “Send Changes”