Chapter 4: installing the web management utility, Discovery list – NetComm NP3024 User Manual

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YML711 Rev1

NetComm 16 or 24 port Gigabit Switch


Chapter 4: Installing the Web Management Utility

Refer to the following instructions to install the Web Management Utility and set up your Switch.

1. Insert the provided NetComm CD in the CD-ROM Drive.

2. From the Start menu on the Windows desktop, choose Run.

3. In the Run dialog box, type D:\Web Management Utility\setup.exe (where D:\ is the letter of

your CD-ROM drive) and click OK.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the utility.

5. Upon completion, go to Program Files -> web_management_utility and execute the Web

Management utility. (Figure 6.)

Figure 6. Web Management Utility

The Web Management Utility is divided into four areas: Discovery List, Monitor List, Device Setting
and Toolbar function. Refer to the following sections for details on each area.