Vlan settings (virtual local area network) – NetComm NP3024 User Manual

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NetComm 16 or 24 port Gigabit Switch

YML711 Rev1




This field has six settings—100M Full, 100M Half, 10M
Full, 10M Half, Auto and Disable—to control speed or
port disable selections.

Flow Control:

This setting determines whether or not the Switch will be
handling flow control. Set Flow Control to Enable to
avoid data transfer overflow. Sets Flow Control to
Disable if you do not require flow control or if this is
controled by another hardware/software management

When the port is set to forced mode, then the flow
control will automatically set to Disable.


In ports that require a high priority to manage the data
transfer, QoS should be set to high. Set the QoS to
Normal for ports that do not need to have a high priority
for transferring data.

VLAN Settings (Virtual Local Area Network)

Group individual ports into a small “Virtual” network of their own to be independent of the other
ports. To add a VLAN group, press the “Add Group” button.

Figure 19. VLAN Group Settings

The new VLAN Setting configuration window will be displayed. Select the ports you wish to group
together and give them a description name. Once you want to modify the VLAN Group, check on
the ID parameter, the ID VLAN configuration window will be displayed.