Appendix b: cable connections, Rj-45 ethernet network ports, 1000base-t straight through cable – NetComm NP3024 User Manual

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NetComm 16 or 24 port Gigabit Switch


Appendix B: Cable Connections

This cable information is provided for your reference only. Please ensure you only connect the
appropriate cable into the correct socket on either this product or your computer.

If you are unsure about which cable to use or which socket to connect it to, please refer to the
hardware installation section in this manual. If you are still not sure about cable connections, please
contact a professional computer technician or NetComm for further advice.

RJ-45 Ethernet Network ports

For 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (10/100/1000BASE) connections, a twisted pair cable
with four pairs (8 wires) and RJ-45 connectors must be used.

Caution: Do not plug a phone jack into any RJ-45 port. Doing so could

damage the switch. Use only twisted pair cables with RJ-45 connectors.

For twisted pair cables each pair is identified by two different colours. For example, one wire might
be red, and the other red with a white stripe. An RJ-45 connector must be fitted to both ends of the

Depending on the type of connection, 10Mbps or 100Mbps, use the following Ethernet cable, as


Use EIA/TIA-568-100-Category 3, 4 or 5 cable.


Use EIA/TIA-568-100-Category 5 cable.


Use EIA/TIA-568-100-Category 5e cable.

The 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet standard uses all four pairs of the Cat 5e cable. Each pair is used to
transmit and receive data simultaneously, known as Dual-Duplex transmission. Basically, this is a
technique where it is possible to distinguish the direction a signal is travelling.

Cat 5e cable is an enhanced version of Cat 5 for use with 1000 Base-T networks, or for long-distance
100 Base-T links (350 m, compared with 100 m for Cat5). It must meet the EIA/TIA 568A-5


To prevent loss of signal, make sure that the length of any twisted-pair
connection does not exceed 100 meters.

RJ-45 plug
attached to cable