Monitor list – NetComm NP3024 User Manual

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YML711 Rev1

NetComm 16 or 24 port Gigabit Switch


Monitor List

All the Web Smart Device in the Monitor List can be monitored; you can also receive the trap and
show the status of the device.

The following fields are included in the Monitor List:



An “S” indicates a system device that is currently being
An “X” indicates a device that is not currently connected.

IP Address


Shows the current IP address of the device.

MAC Address :

Shows the device MAC Address.

Protocol version:

Shows the version of the Utility protocol.

Product Name :

Shows the device product name.

System Name :

Shows the appointed device system name.



Shows where the device is located.

Trap IP


Shows the IP where the Trap is to be sent.

Subnet Mask


Shows the Subnet Mask set of the device.



Shows the Gateway set of the device.

View Trap


The Trap function can receive the events that happen
from the Web Management Switch in the Monitor List.

There is an indicator icon beside the “View Trap” button. When the indicator icon is green, there is
no trap being transmitted. When the indicator icon is red, there is a new trap being transmitted,
which can be viewed by clicking on the button. (Figure 7)

Figure 7. View trap

When the “View Trap” button is clicked, a Trap Information window will be displayed. This
window shows the trap information including the Symbol, Time, Device IP and the Event that
occured. (Figure 8)