Windows peer-to-peer printing – NetComm Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server NP3640 User Manual

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Rev. 1 - YML656

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NP3640 Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server

Windows Peer-to-peer Printing

With this printing method, print jobs are stored (queued) on your computer, and then sent to the
Print Server when it is available.

Note: Windows 2000 & XP require no additional software.

For other versions of Windows, the supplied PTP (Peer-to-Peer) Printer Port software must be
installed on each computer.

Windows 2000/XP Setup

The recommended printing method is to use
LPR, as follows:

1. Open your Printers folder, right-click the

desired printer and select Properties.

2. Select the Ports tab and click the Add Port


3. Choose Standard TCP/IP Port, then click

New Port.

4. The Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port

Wizard will appear. Click next to
continue and when prompted, enter the
IP Address of the Print Server in the
Printer Name or IP Address field, then
click Next.