NetComm Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server NP3640 User Manual

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Rev. 1 - YML656

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NP3640 Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server

8. The printer port will be created, then a screen like the following will be displayed.

9. Select the correct Windows printer in the Existing Printers list, and click the Connect button.

If the correct printer type is not listed, click "Add New Printer" to run the Windows Add
Printer wizard. Step through the Wizard and install the required printer:

Select the correct Printer Manufacturer and Model, or use the "Have Disk" option if

We recommend changing the Printer name to indicate which device is on. (e.g. HP2100 on

If prompted about Sharing the printer, do NOT enable Sharing.

When the Printer installation is finished, it will be listed in the Configure Printer Port
screen above. Select it and click Connect.

10. Installation is now complete. You can now print using this printer.

Use the Start menu to run this program in future. The default installation is Start ->
Programs -> PrintServer Driver -> Print Driver Setup


Print jobs can be managed like any Windows printer. Open the Printers folder (Start ->
Settings -> Printers
) and double-click any printer to see the current print jobs.

If the printer attached to the Print Server is changed, just run this program again, and select
the correct printer.

To delete a port created by this setup program, use the Windows Delete Port facility:

Right-click any printer in the Printers folder, and select Properties.

Locate the Delete Port button. This button is on the Details or Ports tab, depending on
your version or Windows.

If the Print Server's IP Address is changed, and you can no longer print, delete the port
(see procedure above) and re-install it.