Windows with server-based print queues – NetComm Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server NP3640 User Manual

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NP3640 Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server

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7. This printer will now appear in your Printers folder (Start - Settings - Printers) and can be

used like any other printer. However, SMB printing is not suitable for large complex print
jobs - you should use the Peer-to-peer Printing instead.

Printing from MS-DOS Programs

Windows can redirect print data from a parallel port on your computer (e.g. LPT1) to a network
printer. This redirection is called "Capture Printer Port", and is useful for MS-DOS programs.

The MS-DOS program is configured to use LPT1 (parallel port 1 on the computer), but
Windows "captures" the print data and sends it to the network printer.

Capture Settings

Capture settings can be set by:

Saying "Yes" to the prompt "Do you print from MS-DOS programs?" when installing a
Network Printer.

OR, using the Capture Printer Port menu option.

This will result in a dialog like the following, where you can select the port on the computer to
be captured. Normally, this will be LPT1 (parallel port 1 on the computer).

The File menu in the Printers folder also has options for Capture Printer Port and End Capture.