Step 3 - configuring your computers – NetComm Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server NP3640 User Manual

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Rev. 1 - YML656

NP3640 Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server

Page 9

If the desired Print Server is not listed:

Check all cables to the Print Server .

Check the Print Server's LEDs:

The Red LED should be OFF and the Green LED should be ON or flashing.

Check the 10/100BaseT link LED next to the LAN connection. If the auto negotiation fails,
the 10/100BaseT Link LED will not light when the device is powered up.

Check that your computer and the Print Server are on the same LAN segment. (If you don't
have a Router or Gateway on your LAN, you only have 1 segment.)

Check that your computer has either the TCP/IP or NetBEUI network protocols installed.
See Checking your Network Protocols on page 11 for details.