Step 1 - connecting your mini print server, Diagnostic push button – NetComm Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server NP3640 User Manual

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NP3640 Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server

Step 1 - Connecting your Mini Print Server

This section describes how to install the Print Server in your Local Area Network.

1. Preparation

Ensure the power is OFF. Do not connect the Print Server while power is On.

Find the Default Server Name for your Print Server. The Default Server Name is shown
on a sticker on the base of the device. It consists of 8 letters and/or digits. Record this
name; it may be needed during configuration.

2. Connect the Printer

Connect the printer or plotter by plugging Print Server directly into the parallel port on the

3. Connect the Network Cable

Connect the network cable to the proper connector on the Print Server. The Print Server
will automatically recognize whichever connector is used.

4. Power Up

Plug in the power adapter cable and power up. Start-up will take only a few seconds.

5. Check the LEDs

The Red Error LED should flash, then turn Off. When the Red LED goes off and the
Green LED remains lit or flashes, the Print Server is ready.

If your model supports 10BaseT and 100BaseT, check the 10/100BaseT link LED or
LEDs next to the LAN connection. If the auto negotiation Fails, the LED (or both LEDs,
if there are 2) will be Off.