NetComm Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server NP3640 User Manual

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Rev. 1 - YML656

Page 8

NP3640 Fast Ethernet Mini Print Server

5. Enter the required data on the following screen.

Name of the Print Server can be changed if you wish.

Comment is optional.

Select or enter the Workgroup name for this Print Server.

6. Click Next to configure the TCP/IP Screen:

Select Obtain IP Address automatically if your LAN has a DHCP Server, otherwise
select Fixed IP Address.

For Fixed IP Address, enter an unused address from the range used on your LAN, or
click the Suggest New Values Button.

Use the same Network Mask and Gateway as computers on your LAN.

7. Click Finish to save the data to the Print Server .

Note: To install the Wizard on your computer, use the "Installation" option.