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NP2500 24-Port 10/100 PoE + 2-Port 10/100/1000 WebSMART Switch User Guide

YML842 Rev1

Figure 8. Web Management Utility

Toolbar function, for detailed instructions, follow the sections below.

Discovery List

This is the list where you can discover all the Web management devices in the entire network. By pressing
the “Discovery” button, you can list all the Web Management devices in the discovery list. Double click or
press the “Add to monitor list” button to select a device from the Discovery List to the Monitor List.

System word definitions in the Discovery List:

• MAC Address: Shows the device MAC Address.

• IP Address: Shows the current IP address of the device.

• Protocol version: Shows the version of the Utility protocol.

• Product Name: Shows the device product name.

• System Name: Shows the appointed device system name.

• Location: Shows where the device is located.

• Trap IP: Shows the IP where the Trap is to be sent.

• Subnet Mask: Shows the Subnet Mask set of the device.

• Gateway: Shows the Gateway set of the device.