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Cannot Display Graphical Installer When Creating Guests


Oracle VM Server User's Guide

The following example as a VNC configuration entry in a hardware virtualized guest
configuration fie:

vnc = 1 # vnc=1 enabled, 0=disabled

vncconsole = 1 # vncconsole=1 enables spawning VNC viewer for domain's

# console. Default=0

vnclisten = # Address that should be listened on for the VNC server

# if VNC is set. Default (if vnc=0) is to use

# 'vnc-listen' setting from /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp

vncpasswd = '


' # VNC password

vncunused = 1 # vncunused=1 - find an unused port for the VNC server

# to listen on. Default=1

In this example, the


parameter allocates a new VNC port number each

time a guest is created and assigns it to the guest. Port numbers are allocated starting
at the default VNC port number of 5900, so dom1 is allocated port 5900, dom2 is
allocated port 5901, dom3 port 5902, and so on.

Connect to the guest on the host computer with the command

# vncviewer -Shared






parameter enables you to share the VNC connection. If you do not

include this parameter, another user may destroy your VNC session if they connect at
the same time. Connect from a remote computer with a VNC viewer using the
connection string:




In both examples, ipaddress is the IP address or hostname of the Oracle VM Server,
and port is the VNC port number of the guest.

E.4 Cannot Display Graphical Installer When Creating Guests

If the graphical installer does not start when creating a guest using the virt-install
command-line tool, you should check your X11 configuration. If you are using a
console through an ssh (Secure Shell) connection, connect to the console and set the
DISPLAY environment variable, for example

# ssh root@example

# export DISPLAY=example:0.0

Alternatively, you can enable connect to a console and enable ssh forwarding using the

ssh -X

command, for example

# ssh -X root@example

If you use Putty to connect to a console, you must connect from an X11 capable
operating system.

E.5 Hardware Virtualized Guest Console Not Displayed

If a console is not displayed after you create a hardware virtualized guest, your disk
device specification may be incorrect. When you create a hardware virtualized guest,
you must specify the VNC console setup. This is not required for a paravirtualized