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Oracle VM Agent Architecture



Oracle VM Agent Architecture

This Appendix contains more detailed information on the architecture and
deployment options for the Oracle VM Agent. It contains:

Oracle VM Agent Architecture

Oracle VM Agent Deployment

D.1 Oracle VM Agent Architecture

Oracle VM Agent is installed with Oracle VM Server. Oracle VM Manager manages
the virtual machines running on Oracle VM Server through the Oracle VM Agent.
Three types of agents are implemented:

Server Pool Master

: This acts as the contact point to the outside world of Oracle

VM Server and dispatches to other Oracle VM Agents. It also provides virtual
machine host load-balance, and local persistency of Oracle VM Server information.

Utility Server

: This mainly focuses on creating, removing, migrating, and so on of

I/O intensive operations.

Virtual Machine Server

: The virtual machine server. This is the daemon for Oracle

VM Server virtual machines. Virtual Machine Server can start and stop virtual
guests. It also collects performance data for the host and guest operating systems.
Acts as a hypervisor for domUs.

Figure D–1

Oracle VM Agent