Oracle Audio Technologies E10898-02 User Manual

Page 110

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Network controller, xi
Network driver, C-1
Network Traffic Priority, C-2
NFS access blocked, E-7
NIC, C-1


OCFS2, 6-1, 9-4
Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 Update 4

Converting hardware virtualized guest to

paravirtualized guest, 4-12

Oracle VM, 1-2

Overview, 1-3

Oracle VM Agent, 1-3, 3-1, A-2, D-1, Glossary-2

Configuration, 3-1
default user, 3-1
Install location, 3-1
Install log, 3-1
Log, 3-1
Monitoring, 3-3
Server Pool Master, D-1
Starting and stopping, 3-2
Virtual Machine Server, D-1

Oracle VM Manager, 1-2, Glossary-2
Oracle VM Server, Glossary-2

API, B-2
API options, B-2
Components, 2-1
Configuration file, B-2
Configuration options, B-3
Create guest, A-3
Deployment, D-2
Log file, B-2
Logfile options, B-2
Management, A-7
Repository, 7-1
VNC Server options, B-5

os-type, E-5
os-variant, E-5
/OVS directory, 7-1
ovsagent, A-2

Command line tool, 3-1

ovs-makerepo script, 7-2
ovs-offlinerepo script, 7-3
ovsrepositories daemon, 7-2


P2V, 8-1, A-11
P2V kickstart file, A-11
P2V network configuration screen, A-11

Overview, 2-2

Paravirtualized guest

Converting Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 Update 4

guest, 4-12

Creating, 4-7
Creating using virt-install, 4-4

Paravirtualized machine, Glossary-2
Preferred Server, Glossary-2
publish_pool, 7-1


QEMU, E-6, Glossary-2
QoS, C-1
Quality of Service, C-1


repositories file, 7-2
repositories.options file, 7-2
Repository, 7-1

Adding a repository, 7-1
Daemon, 7-2
Mount options, 7-1
Removing, 7-1

running_pool, 7-1


seed_pool, 7-1
Server Pool, Glossary-2
Server Pool Master, Glossary-2
Server Pool Master Agent, D-1
Shared virtual disk, 6-1, 9-4
sharedDisk, 7-1
Suppress P2V screens, A-11
System Clock

Setting, E-5


timer_mode, E-5


/usr/lib/ovs/ovs-makerepo script, 7-2
/usr/lib/ovs/ovs-offlinerepo script, 7-3
Utility Server, Glossary-3
Utility Server Agent, D-1


vif, C-1, Glossary-3
virt-install, A-3

Command line tool, 4-1

Virtual disk, 6-1, 9-4, Glossary-3
Virtual Machine, Glossary-3
Virtual machine management, D-2
Virtual Machine Manager, Glossary-3
Virtual Machine Server, D-1, Glossary-3
Virtual Machine Server Agent, D-1
Virtual machine template, Glossary-3
Virtual Network Interface, Glossary-3
VM, Glossary-3
VM management, D-2
VM Server, Glossary-3
VM Server Agent, D-1