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Oracle VM Server



Oracle VM Server

This Chapter contains an overview of Oracle VM Server and the underlying
hypervisor, the components of virtual machines and domains, and gets you started
with the tools to create and manage guests. This Chapter contains:

Oracle VM Server


Domains, Guests and Virtual Machines

Management Domain


Paravirtualization, Hardware Virtualization, and Binary Translation

Creating Virtual Machines

Managing Domains

2.1 Oracle VM Server

Oracle VM Server includes an updated version of the underlying Xen™ hypervisor
technology, and the Oracle VM Agent. It also includes a Linux kernel with support for
a broad array of devices, file systems, and software RAID volume management. The
Linux kernel is run as dom0 to manage one or more domU virtual machines, each of
which could be Linux or Microsoft Windows.

Figure 2–1, "Oracle VM Server"


the components of Oracle VM Server.

Figure 2–1

Oracle VM Server