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Creating a Guest Virtual Machine



Creating a Guest Virtual Machine

This Chapter contains information on how to create a guest virtual machine using
Oracle VM Server. You can create paravirtualized guests and hardware virtualized
guests using a template, or using the command-line tool virt-install. The virt-install
tool can be used as an interactive shell, or all parameters can be given at the same time
from the command-line. You can enter multiple parameters to the virt-install tool in
the format:

virt-install [options]

Appendix A, "Command-Line Tools"

lists the virt-install command-line tool


You can also create guest virtual machines using Oracle VM Manager, and is the
recommended method for creating guests. See the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide for
information on creating guests with Oracle VM Manager.

Oracle recommends you create paravirtualized guests if possible, as the performance
of a paravirtualized guest is superior to that of a hardware virtualized guest.

Before you create a guest virtual machine, you should have access to an installation
tree, or a template. You may also need a host IP address, and a hostname.

This Chapter contains:

Supported Guest Operating Systems

Creating an Installation Tree

Creating a Guest Using a Template

Creating a Guest Using virt-install

Creating a Paravirtualized Guest Manually

Creating a Hardware Virtualized Guest Manually

Converting a Hardware Virtualized Guest to a Paravirtualized Guest

Installing Paravirtual Drivers

4.1 Supported Guest Operating Systems

The guest you create must be one of the following configurations.