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Using the xm Command-Line Interface


Oracle VM Server User's Guide

# xm pause mydomain




Appendix A, "Command-Line Tools"

for detailed information on the xm

command-line interface.

5.2.1 Monitoring Domains


xm top

command performs real time monitoring of domain loads on a host. The

xm top

command displays the following information:

The state of each domain.

The number of domains on the host.

Memory statistics of the host, such as the total available memory, the memory in
use, and free memory.

The CPU statistics of the host, such as the number of CPUs and CPU speed.

Information on each domain, such as domain name, domain state, CPU usage in
seconds, percentage of CPU, memory in Kilobytes, and so on.

For example, an

xm top

command displays output similar to:

Figure 5–1

Example xm top Command Output

Note that the format of each line of output wraps over two lines.

5.2.2 Viewing Host Information

Use the

xm info


xm log

, and

xm dmesg

commands to display information about

the host computer. For example, the

xm info

command displays output similar to the