Oracle Audio Technologies E10898-02 User Manual

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Oracle VM

Introduction to Virtualization


Perform live migration of virtual machines

Import and manage ISOs

Oracle VM Server

: A self-contained virtualization environment designed to

provide a lightweight, secure, server-based platform for running virtual machines.
Oracle VM Server is based upon an updated version of the underlying Xen
hypervisor technology, and includes Oracle VM Agent.

Oracle VM Agent

: Installed with Oracle VM Server. Oracle VM Manager

communicates with Oracle VM Agent to manage the Oracle VM Servers and
virtual machines running on it.

Figure 1–1, "Oracle VM Architecture"

shows the components of Oracle VM.

Figure 1–1

Oracle VM Architecture

This book discusses Oracle VM Server, and the Oracle VM Agent. See the Oracle VM
Manager Installation Guide
and the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide for information on
installing, and using Oracle VM Manager, and managing Oracle VM Servers.