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High Availability



High Availability

This Chapter discusses implementing High Availability (HA) fail over for server pools
and guests in Oracle VM. This Chapter contains:

High Availability (HA)

Creating a Shared Virtual Disk for HA

Creating HA Clusters

Enabling HA

You can manage HA of server pools and guests using Oracle VM Manager. See the
Oracle VM Manager User's Guide for information on managing HA using Oracle VM

9.1 High Availability (HA)

You can set up HA in Oracle VM to guarantee the availability of guests if the Virtual
Machine Server they are running on fails or restarts. When a Virtual Machine Server is
restarted or shut down, the guests running on it are either restarted on, or migrated to,
another Virtual Machine Server.

You can manage HA with Oracle VM Manager. To implement HA, you must create a
cluster of Virtual Machine Servers in a server pool and have them managed by Oracle
VM Manager. HA cannot be implemented with Oracle VM Server alone.

To use HA, you must first enable HA on the server pool, then on all guests, as shown

Figure 9–1, "Enabling HA"

. If you enable HA in the server pool and then for guests,

when a Virtual Machine Server is shut down or fails, the guests are migrated or
restarted on another available Virtual Machine Server. HA must be enabled for both
the server pool and for guests. If HA is not enabled for both, HA is disabled.