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Page 103: E.12, E.13, E.14, E.15, Cd-rom image not found, Migrating domains, Attaching to a console with the grub boot loader

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Attaching to a Console with the Grub Boot Loader



E.12 CD-ROM Image Not Found

If you create a paravirtualized or hardware virtualized guest using a configuration file,
and the CDROM image cannot be found during the installation, you may have the IDE
devices in the incorrect order. Putting the IDE devices in order fixes this problem.
Check that the

disk = [ ... ]

parameter is defined as


and is included



, otherwise the usual


configuration fails to find the CDROM


E.13 Firewall Blocks NFS Access

Oracle VM Server blocks NFS access from any external computer (or guest) by default.
This may cause problems when trying to create a guest using an NFS connection. To
resolve this, disable the firewall with the following command:

# service iptables stop

E.14 Migrating Domains

You cannot migrate domains on computers with hardware that is not identical. To
migrate a domain, you must have hardware that is the same make and model. You
must also have the same Oracle VM Server release.

E.15 Attaching to a Console with the Grub Boot Loader

Tracking down startup problems with a hardware virtualized guest may be difficult
because you may not be able to attach a console using the

xm console

command. To

workaround this problem, you can include a console in the guest’s Grub boot loader,
and connect to a console during boot.

To include a console in the Grub boot loader, add the following lines before the first

"title ..."

line in the /etc/grub.conf file:

serial --unit=0 --speed=9600 --word=8 --parity=no --stop=1

terminal --timeout=10 serial console