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Creating a Paravirtualized Guest Manually

Creating a Guest Virtual Machine


Figure 4–1

Text-based Installer Screen

Follow the prompts to complete the guest operating system installation.

4.5 Creating a Paravirtualized Guest Manually

To manually create a paravirtualized guest:


Create the root file system.


Populate the root file system.


Configure the guest.

4.5.1 Creating the Root File System

To create the root file system:


Create a root partition for the guest. The root partition may be a:

Physical partition

Logical Volume Manager-backed Virtual Block Device

File-backed Virtual Block Device

Select one of the following options to create the root file system.


Using a physical disk partition

Create a disk partition for the guest root.

Make a file system on the partition.


Using a Logical Volume Manager-backed Virtual Block Device

A particularly appealing solution is to use a Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
volume as backing for a guest file system, as this allows dynamic growing and
shrinking of volumes, snapshots, and other features.

To initialize a partition to support LVM volumes, enter

# pvcreate /dev/sda10

Create a volume group named vg on the physical partition: