Oracle Audio Technologies E10898-02 User Manual

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Oracle VM Agent


Oracle VM Agent

An application installed with Oracle VM Server. It communicates with Oracle VM
Manager for management of virtual machines. Oracle VM Manager manages the
virtual machines running on Oracle VM Server by communicating with Oracle VM
Agent. It contains three components: Server Pool Master, Utility Server, and Virtual
Machine Server.

Oracle VM Server

A self-contained virtualization environment designed to provide a lightweight, secure,
server-based platform for running virtual machines. Oracle VM Server is based upon
an updated version of the Xen hypervisor technology. Includes Oracle VM Agent to
enable communication with Oracle VM Manager.

Oracle VM Manager

Provides the user interface, which is a standard ADF (Application Development
Framework) web application, to manage Oracle VM Server pools. Manages virtual
machine lifecycle, including creating virtual machines from templates or from
installation media, deleting, powering off, uploading, deployment and live migration
of virtual machines. Manages resources including ISO files, templates and shared
virtual disks. Also provides an API via a web service to Oracle VM Server.

Paravirtualized machine

A virtual machine with a kernel that is recompiled to be made aware of the virtual
environment. Runs at near native speed, with memory, disk and network access
optimized for maximum performance.

Preferred Server

A Virtual Machine Server that provides resources such as memory, CPU, network
interface cards (NICs), and disk to the virtual machine. If you select only one Virtual
Machine Server as the preferred server, the virtual machine always starts from and
runs on this server. If you select multiple preferred servers, each time the virtual
machine starts, it runs on the machine with the maximum available resources.


Also referred to as qemu-dm, which is the process name. The virtualization process
which allows full virtualization of a PC system within another PC system.

Server Pool

Logically an autonomous region that contains one or more physical Oracle VM
Servers. Presents a unified view of the storage where the virtual machines reside, and
groups the users of these virtual machines into a single community called a group, in
which each user is a server pool member.

Server Pool Master

A component of Oracle VM Agent. An application that acts as the contact point to
Oracle VM Manager, and to other Oracle VM Agents. Provides virtual machine host
load-balancing, and local persistency for Oracle VM Server.

There is only one Server Pool Master in a server pool. A physical server can perform as
the Server Pool Master, Utility Server and Virtual Machine Server simultaneously.