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May 5, 2011


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2100 Millennium Wood Stove (ACC)


G. Building A Fire

Before lighting your first fire in the stove:
1. Confirm the baffle is correctly positioned. It should be

even with the front tube and resting on all tubes.



2. Remove all labels from glass.
There are many ways to build a fire. The basic principle

is to light easily-ignitable tinder or paper, which ignites the

fast burning kindling, which in turn ignites the slow-burning

firewood. Here is one method that works well:
1. Open the Burn Rate Air and Start-Up Air Controls fully.
2. Place several wads of crushed paper on the firebox floor.

Heating the flue with slightly crumpled newspaper before

adding kindling keeps smoke to a minimum.

3. Lay small dry sticks of kindling on top of the paper.
4. Make sure that no matches or other combustibles are in

the immediate area of the appliance. Be sure the room

is adequately ventilated and the flue unobstructed.

5. Light the paper in the appliance. NEVER light or rekindle

fire with kerosene, gasoline, or charcoal lighter fluid; the

results can be fatal.

6. Once the kindling is burning quickly, add several full-

length logs 3 inches (76mm) or 4 inches (102mm) in

diameter. Be careful not to smother the fire. Stack the

pieces of wood carefully; near enough to keep each

other hot, but far enough away from each other to allow

adequate air flow between them.

7. Set the Burn Rate Air Control and activate the timer

system (ACC).

8. When ready to reload, It is best to fully open both the

Burn Rate Air and Start-up Air Controls before reload-

ing. This livens up the coalbed and reduces excessive

emissions (opacity/smoke). Open door slowly so that

ash or smoke does not exit appliance through opening.

Large logs burn slowly, holding a fire longer. Small logs

burn fast and hot, giving quick heat.

9. As long as there are hot coals, repeating steps 6

through 8 will maintain a continuous fire throughout the


Figure 23.1

2 pc Baffle Board

Ceramic Blanket on Top

Tube Channel

Baffle Board even with front

tube & resting on all tubes

Burn Rate

Air Control




• Build fire on brick firebox floor.

• Do NOT use grates, andirons or other methods to support


It will adversely affect emissions.


Fire Risk.

Do NOT store wood:

• Closer than required clearances to com-

bustibles to appliance

• Within space required for loading or ash


Do NOT operate appliance:

• With appliance door open.

• With ash removal system door open.

Do NOT burn wet or green wood.

Store wood in dry location.

Stack wood so both ends are exposed to air.

Wet, unseasoned wood can cause accumulation of


Fire Risk.