Warning, 2100 millennium wood stove (acc), C. negative pressure – Quadra-Fire 2100 Millennium Wood 21M-ACC User Manual

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May 5, 2011


2100 Millennium Wood Stove (ACC)

Marginal Location:

• Below peak

Location NOT recommended:

• Not the highest point of the roof

• Wind loading possible

Multi-level Roofs




Outside Air Intake

on windward side

NOT recommended:

Outside Air Intake

on leeward side

Recommended Location:

• Above peak


• Insulated exterior chase

in cooler climates

Recommended Location:

• Above peak

• Inside heated space

Location NOT recommended:

• Too close to tree

• Below adjacent structure

• Lower roof line

• Avoid outside wall

Marginal Location:

• Wind loading possible

Figure 6.1

C. Negative Pressure

Draft is the pressure difference needed to vent appliances

successfully. Considerations for successful draft include:
• Preventing negative pressure
• Location of appliance and chimney

Negative pressure results from the imbalance of air avail-

able for the stove to operate properly. Causes for this imbal-

ance include:
• Exhaust fans (kitchen, bath) etc.)
• Range hoods
• Combustion air requirements for furnaces, water

heaters and other combustion appliances

• Clothes dryers
• Location of return-air vents to furnace or air condi-


• Imbalances of HVAC air handling system
• Upper level air leaks

• Recessed lighting

• Attic hatch opening

• Duct leaks

To minimize the affects of negative air pressure the following

must be considered:
• Install the outside air kit. Install the intake on the

side of the house towards prevailing winds during the

heating season.

• Ensure adequate outdoor air is supplied for combus-

tion appliances and exhaust equipment.

• Ensure furnace and air conditioning return vents are

not located in the immediate vicinity of the appli-


• Avoid installing the appliance near doors, walkways

or small isolated spaces.

• Recessed lighting should be of “sealed can” design;

attic hatches weather stripped or sealed; and attic

mounted ductwork and air handler joints and seams

taped or sealed.


• Negative pressure can cause spillage of com-

bustion fumes, soot and carbon monoxide.

• Appliance needs to draft properly for safety.

Asphyxiation Risk.