Quadra-Fire 2100 Millennium Wood 21M-ACC User Manual

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May 5, 2011


Page 31

2100 Millennium Wood Stove (ACC)


E. Baffle Removal

1. Remove all ash from the firebox, and extinguish all hot

embers before disposal into a metal container.

2. The baffle board has 2 pieces. With the ceramic blanket

still in place, slide one baffle piece over the top of other one

and pull out top piece through the door opening and then

remove bottom baffle piece.

Figure 31.1.

3. Remove the ceramic blanket.
4. Re-install the baffle pieces one piece at a time. Be sure

the baffle boards are even with the front manifold tube and

is resting on all tubes.

Figure 23.1 on page 23. See Also

Correct Blanket & Baffle Position on page 24.

5. To re-install the ceramic blanket, it is easier to fold it in half


Figure 31.2. Place on top of baffle board, open up

and flatten and smooth out the blanket. Re-check the baffle

board for correct positioning.

Figure 23.1 on page 23 and

page 24.

Figure 31.1 - Baffle

Figure 31.2 - Ceramic Blanket

F. Snap Disc Replacement

Snap Disc




Figure 31.3

1. Locate the snap disc bracket assembly at the bottom left

rear corner of the stove.

Figure 31. 3.

2. A magnet holds the bracket to the stove. Pull the bracket

down away from the stove to expose the snap disc.

3. Pull the snap disc and spade connectors up and out of

bracket as shown in

Figure 31.4.

4. Using a Phillips head screw driver, remove the 2 screws

from the snap disc and then remove the snap disc from

the spade connectors. Replace with new snap disc and

re-connect to spade connectors.

5. Push the snap disc and spade connectors back inside

bracket and re-attach the bracket to the stove.

Snap Disc Location

Figure 31.4