Troubleshooting – Quadra-Fire 2100 Millennium Wood 21M-ACC User Manual

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May 5, 2011


Page 33

2100 Millennium Wood Stove (ACC)




With proper installation, operation, and maintenance your woodstove

will provide years of trouble-free service. If you do experience a prob-

lem, this troubleshooting guide will assist a qualified service person in

the diagnosis of a problem and the corrective action to be taken.

Start Fire Problems

Possible Cause


Can’t get fire started

Excessive smoke or spillage

Burns too slowly

Smolders, sizzles

Not enough kindling/paper or no


Use dry kindling, more paper. Arrange kindling & wood

for air movement.

Not enough air for fire to ignite

Check for restricted cap/shroud
Open outside air kit (if installed).
Check for flue blockage.
Pre-warm flue before starting fire (refer to starting fire

Check for adequate vent height (refer to chimney

assembly section).
Open window below the appliance towards the wind.

Wood condition is too wet, too large

Use dry, seasoned wood (refer to wood fuel section).

Bed of coals not established before

adding wood

Start with paper & kindling to establish bed of coals (refer

to starting fire section).

Flue blockage such as birds’ nests or

leaves in termination cap

Have chimney inspected for creosote and cleaned by a

certified chimney sweep.

Down draft or negative pressure

Competition with exhaust devices

Do not use exhaust fans during start-up (refer to negative

pressure section).
Open window below the appliance towards the wind.

Fire burns too fast

Extremely dry or soft wood

Mix in hardwood.
Mix in less seasoned wood after fire is established (refer

to wood fuel section).


Check for correct vent height; too much vertical height

creates overdrafting.
Check location of vent termination (refer to chimney

requirements section).