Caution – Quadra-Fire 2100 Millennium Wood 21M-ACC User Manual

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May 5, 2011


2100 Millennium Wood Stove (ACC)

K. Frequently Asked Questions



Odor from appliance

When first operated, this appliance may release an odor for the first several hours. This is caused by

the curing of the paint and the burning off of any oils remaining from manufacturing.

Metallic noise

Noise is caused by metal expanding and contracting as it heats up and cools down, similar to the

sound produced by a furnace or heating duct. This noise does not affect the operation or longevity of

the appliance.

Whirring sound

If the optional blower has been installed, the blower produces a whirring sound which increases in

volume as the speed is increased.

Odors and vapors released during initial operation.

• Curing of high temperature paint.

• Open windows for air circulation.

Odors may be irritating to sensitive individuals.