N-counter installation, Preparing the counter area, Electrical requirements – Vita-Mix XTG012 User Manual

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Preparing the counter area:

• Before cutting holes, make sure that there is adequate clearance under the counter

for the motor. The motor will extend about 5-2/3" (14.4 cm) below the counter but

it is best to allow at least 10" (25.5 cm) from the under-counter to shelves or any

other equipment under the counter. Also, when using the removable cover design,

the back of the hole must be at least 6" (15.2 cm) from any wall to allow for cover

door clearance.

• An extra 6.5" (16.5 cm) of open space above the top of the cover will be needed

for placement and removal of the In-Counter machine and for custom programming

the six PRE-SET buttons.

• If installing unit into a closed cabinet, use a 4" dia. (10 cm) flexible vinyl duct (dryer

hose) to vent exhaust. Attach the vinyl duct to the bottom of your In-Counter

Blending Station


MP by forcing the end of the hose over the exhaust baffle of the

unit. Run the vinyl duct out of the cabinet for proper ventilation. Do not vent hose

into a wall, ceiling or a concealed space of a building. Multiple units should not

vent to a common manifold unit but to separate places. If running your Blending

Station MP causes a suction on your cabinet door, place a spacer in the door frame

to allow proper intake of air.

Do not use hose clamps or equivalent to attach exhaust hose on machine.

• When cutting holes for placement of multiple In-Counter units, position the edge of

the machines at least 12" (30.48 cm) apart to ensure quick cleaning and proper

venting between machines.

• In-Counter installation for a 120 VAC unit also requires you to have at least one

20 amp outlet per machine under the counter, available within six feet of the

Blending Station MP. 220 VAC and 100 VAC units require a dedicated line.

Consult an electrician for proper electrical needs.

• The In-Counter Blending Station MP also requires a gasket (provided in the

machine’s original package) to be placed between the machine and the counter.

See page 12 for instructions.

DO NOT strike the blender when removing from the counter.

Electrical requirements:

• 120 VAC • 50/60 Hz • 15 Amps



n-Counter Installation