Tamper – Vita-Mix XTG012 User Manual

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Back Cover:

1. To remove the Back Cover from the Blending Station:

a. First remove the Cover Door from the unit, as described above.

b. Remove the two (2) Back Cover mounting screws located on the rear of

the machine. (Figure D)

c. From the rear of the machine, firmly push the bottom of the cover forward

(towards the control panel), keeping the bottom edge of the cover against

the motor base. DO NOT tilt or strike the cover during removal.

d. Slide forward until the side latches on the front of the cover are released

from the motor base. DO NOT strike the cover to “pop” the side latches

from their tracks. Doing so will cause damage. The cover must only

be removed by sliding it forward (towards the Control Panel).

2. To replace the Back Cover on to the Blending Station:

a. Place the Back Cover on the motor base approximately one (1) inch

forward of its normal position.

b. Slide the cover towards the back of the machine (away from the Control

Panel). Make sure the side latches slide into their tracks.

c. Push until back of cover is seated against the Motor Base.

Make sure the Back Cover is fully seated in the back and the side

latches are in their grooves before inserting and tightening the

mounting screws.

d. Replace and firmly tighten the two (2) Back Cover mounting screws.

(Figure D) DO NOT overtighten. DO NOT use the mounting screws to

pull the Back Cover into position. Doing so will cause damage.

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Back Cover



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