How to operate your blending station, Mp using the start/stop and speed control buttons – Vita-Mix XTG012 User Manual

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4. Select desired programmed setting by pressing any of the PRE-SET BUTTONS

1 through 6. The machine will begin immediately to cycle through the selected

program and turn off when the program is complete. Each button has a different

pre-selected combination of speed and length for blending.

NOTE: If you detect a change in the sound of the machine or if a hard or

foreign object comes into contact with the blades, do not serve the drink. Inspect

your blade assembly for loose, knicked or missing parts. If parts are loose, missing

or knicked, replace with a new blade assembly. (See page 17.)

5. Once one of the six PRE-SET PROGRAM buttons is pushed the machine will

start and stop automatically. By pressing another PRE-SET BUTTON or the

START/STOP button, the machine will stop the blending cycle.

6. During any of the blending cycles, by pressing the PULSE H button, the speed of

the blending can increase up to 100% of the motor speed. By pressing the PULSE

L button during a blending cycle, the speed of the motor can be decreased down to

7%. Once released, the motor speed will revert back to the blending cycle of the



Use the SPEED CONTROL buttons to set the speed of the PULSE buttons.

For example, when the H or L PULSE button is pressed and held, by simultaneously

pressing and holding the

▲ or ▼ SPEED CONTROL button the motor speed will

increase or decrease in 1% increments. When the SPEED CONTROL button is

released, the PULSE button will remain set at the selected speed until altered with the


7. When the cycle is complete, the blender stops. Wait until blade comes to a

complete stop before removing the lid and/or container from the motor base.

8. Remove the container, pour, garnish and serve the drink.

How to operate your Blending Station


MP using

the Start/Stop and Speed Control buttons.

Although using the PRE-SET PROGRAMMED buttons is highly recommended for the

best drink, occasionally a drink may need special attention. By using the

START/STOP button and the SPEED CONTROL button, you can manually control

the speed of the Blending Station MP.