Ontrol panel, Blending station – Vita-Mix XTG012 User Manual

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Blending Station



ON/OFF switch - Located on the side of the Motor Base, the ON/OFF switch

controls the power to the machine. With the machine plugged in, switch the

machine to ON to ready the machine for blending.

START/STOP button - Pressing START/STOP once starts and runs the machine

and turns the blades. Press the START/STOP button again to stop the machine and

the blades. (NOTE: Pressing one of the PRE-SET PROGRAM buttons, while the

motor is running, will also stop the machine.)

SPEED CONTROL button - Press the

▲ button to gradually increase the speed

of the blades in increments of 1%, up to 100%. Press the

▼ button to gradually

decrease the speed of the blades in increments of 1%, down to 7%. SPEED

CONTROL is used to set the blending speed of the PULSE buttons (see

Instructions, pg. 15) and the START/STOP button (see Instructions, pg. 16).

NOTE: These settings will reset if the power is shut off.

PRE-SET PROGRAM buttons - These buttons, numbered 1 thru 6, are

pre-programmed blending cycles designed for the most commonly made drinks.

Depending on the viscosity of the drink you are creating, pressing one of the six

PRE-SET PROGRAM buttons will run the machine for a full cycle. The machine will

stop by itself when the cycle is complete. A cycle varies in speed and length; see the

Instructions on page 14 for a complete description of the range of each PRE-SET button.

Due to the difference of recipes, your results may vary.

See page 6 for information on Custom Programming these six buttons.






Speed Control

Six Factory Pre-Set


Owner Controls

High/Low Pulse

Display Window


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